Programs & Sevices

Parents Helping Parents offers programs and services to SLO County families of children from birth to adulthood who may have developmental or learning-related issues.

Family Resource Center

As a Family Resource Center (FRC), PHP provides support, information, and referrals to families of children with special needs. We are members of the Family Resource Center Network of California (FRCNCA).

Family Empowerment Center

Parents Helping Parents became a Family Empowerment Center under the California Department of Education in 2022. As a Family Empowerment Center, we aim to assist parents to better understand their child’s educational and developmental needs, effectively communicate with service providers, and serve as a resource for the IEP process. FECs promote alternative dispute resolution and support positive relationships between parents and educational professionals.

Early Start

The California Early Start (ES) program provides early intervention services for infants and toddlers ages 0-3 with developmental delays, disabilities, or those at risk of experiencing developmental challenges. PHP supports parents whose children are already enrolled in Early Start and those who may have concerns with their child’s early development and need to access services. There are many opportunities for parents in Early Start to network with other families, attend support groups and workshops, and receive assistance in navigating the ES system and services.

Resource Library

Our two lending libraries are located in the TCRC buildings in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero. They are useful for parents & professionals with books, reference materials, tapes, & DVD’s on parenting and special needs. Our libraries are also equipped with: toys, games, and a place for children to play while their parents browse.

Donate to Joy's Playground

Friends of Joy Playground

Joy Playground was possible because a group of dedicated volunteers fundraised and built SLO County's first fully inclusive playground geared towards children and adults with special needs at Colony Park in Atascadero. It officially opened in April 2019 and is a City Park open to the public. As fundraising continues, leadership of this effort has transitioned from Parents for Joy to Parents Helping Parents as of June 2022.

Support Groups

Support groups for families of children with special needs provide a nurturing and understanding community where parents and caregivers can share experiences, gain valuable insights, and find emotional support in their unique journey.

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Supported Living

A monthly support group for parents of adult children who already receive Supported Living Services (SLS).

Let’s Talk Autism (daytime & evening)

An opportunity to network, socialize, and share resources with other parents & caregivers whose children are on the Autism Spectrum.

Parents of Teens and Adults with Disabilities

Come and talk about the transition out of school, SSI, independent living, housing, employment, staying at home and more....the topics that you, as the parent of a teen or adult with disabilities can relate to.

Parents of Independent Adults with Autism

Join us to connect with parents of independent adults on the Autism Spectrum with similar experiences and needs and to create social groups/experiences for their adult children with “like-peers” who desire social relationships and need support to initiate and maintain them.

Get Connected!

For parents of children in Early Start, or ages 13 and under…our conversation will always shift and adapt to the questions you have each month!

Workshops & Trainings

Workshops and trainings for families of children with special needs offer essential knowledge, practical skills, and a supportive environment, empowering caregivers to better understand and advocate for the unique needs of their children.

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Behavior Consultation

During this appointment you can consult with a BCBA about behavior, creating sustainable routines, visual schedules, what to do about tantrums, difficulty with transitions or other behavior concerns you may have.

Benefits Consultation

Do you have questions about your child’s benefits such as MediCal, Social Security (SSI), or applying for CalFresh? Support/consultation is available for TCRC clients with Gaby Fukunaga, Benefits Coordinator of TCRC.

Special Needs Trust (annual)

Learn how to provide for your child with special needs beyond your lifetime, preserve SSI & Medi-Cal benefits, supplement support, and enhance quality of life with Matthew O’Leary, Attorney at Law.

Get Organized Workshop

Organize your child’s medical, education, and any other paperwork into a records binder.

One Page Profile

Get a one-page profile for quick reference.


Bi-Monthly training by Marty Mimmack, M.Ed.