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Where Children With Special Needs Discover Their Potential & Families Unite in Support

Welcome to Parents Helping Parents of San Luis Obispo County

At Parents Helping Parents we champion the dreams and aspirations of children with special needs and their families. Our commitment is to empower every child to achieve their fullest potential, and in this journey, we provide a spectrum of resources, support groups, and educational workshops.

Dive in to explore our rich history, dedicated team, varied services, and our ever-evolving calendar of events and community partnerships.

Programs & Services

As a Family Resource Center (FRC) & Family Empowerment Center (FEC), Parents Helping Parents supports and empowers SLO County families who have children with disabilities or special needs through our various programs and services.

Family Resource Center

As a Family Resource Center (FRC), PHP provides support, information, and referrals to families of children with special needs. We are members of the Family Resource Center Network of California (FRCNCA).

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Family Empowerment Center

Parents Helping Parents became a Family Empowerment Center under the California Department of Education in 2022. As a Family Empowerment Center, we aim to assist parents to better understand their child's educational and developmental needs, effectively communicate with service providers, and serve as a resource for the IEP process. FECs promote alternative dispute resolution and support positive relationships between parents and educational professionals.

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Resource Library

Our two lending libraries are located in the TCRC buildings in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero. They are useful for parents & professionals with books, reference materials, tapes, & DVD's on parenting and special needs. Our libraries are also equipped with: toys, games, and a place for children to play while their parents browse.

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Support Groups

Support groups for families of children with special needs provide a nurturing and understanding community where parents and caregivers can share experiences, gain valuable insights, and find emotional support in their unique journey.

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Workshops & Trainings

Workshops and trainings for families of children with special needs offer essential knowledge, practical skills, and a supportive environment, empowering caregivers to better understand and advocate for the unique needs of their children.

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Friends of Joy Playground

Joy Playground was possible because a group of dedicated volunteers fundraised and built SLO County's first fully inclusive playground geared towards children and adults with special needs at Colony Park in Atascadero. It officially opened in April 2019 and is a City Park open to the public. As fundraising continues, leadership of this effort has transitioned from Parents for Joy to Parents Helping Parents as of June 2022.

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